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Is the Pill the same as the Mini-Pill? I guess I have an advantage to be able to live in Europe and proclaim the beautiful heritage and meticulous arts and crafts of my country of origin. Her sculptural jewellery follows the complex shape of the human body and uses wood in an unconventional way to explore an uncommon material and shape. Throughout history, jewellery has been worn not only to beautify our body, but also to communicate social status, identity and even to protect one from evil spirits and misfortune.

He managed to find a balance in each of his piece whether it’s industrial or conceptual. Moisés is a Mexican born designer based in Mexico City.

For me this process is a lot of fun because it’s really here where the collection starts to come together as a whole. Beyond the Mainland’ she is utilizing locally waste materials, such as mussel shells and sheep’s wool, to revive the economy of Bere Island. Don’t go on a brand of Pill unless the doctor assures you that it is ‘low-risk’.

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3D-woven configurations are experimentally discovered on the spot. Light is only one of the many “translations” of energy but it is almost a primal need for human beings. When I was a researcher at Toogood, I was assisting the fashion designers by developing new fabrics and textures for the 005 collection. By applying heat to the mussels, they turned completely white and by grinding them and adding a natural binder she created a plaster-like material. So it has the effect and lightness of paper but the fabrics have enough stiffness and structure to hold the shapes.

The Pill is useful if you want to delay having a period for a special occasion, such as a holiday. She gives new life to old recipes using her traditional making skills such as embroidery, dying and hand weaving to create artefacts that celebrate this naturally occurring spice. Tina shows how genetic information can be redefined as a source of luxury but also how easily a person or corporation can claim ownership over biological material. Sebastien Courty’s artwork but it works. This lamp only needs a bit of nourishment once a month. The binder is fully biodegradable and this fact allows the process to be returnable.

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It is characteristic of scraps that they are often unique. I decided to work with this material as it reminds me the cosmic textures of the planet’s pictures. Take it as soon as you remember and then take the next one on time, even if that means you’re taking the two of them at the same time. In contrast, if they were all relying on the condom instead, probably about two to five of them would become pregnant. Finally it felt like people wanted to find the hidden value themselves and enjoyed to design a function without being the designer’. Roos’ latest project is Area Fabrica, which arise from an online video about the inflation of marshmallows in a vacuum chamber.

Blowing a bubble creates something both beautiful and delicate that you know will only last for a few brief moments. By 17 and against his parent’s wishes, he moved to Paris to attend the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts where he found his artistic freedom. In what way is this related to jewellery? What fascinates you about the jewellery design?

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Focusing on the imagination, exploration and appropriation of an individual. We are currently living in a time where energy is a concept that is and needs to rapidly change. How much impact does your work have on society? We would love to hear from you. Design, dedicated to exploring how we will live in the future through trans-disciplinary practice and expert collaboration.

Seeing, hearing and touching materials evokes thoughts and feelings. I choose to value those materials by creating two collections of unique jewelries inspired by Nasa’s Mars cliches of dunes and comets impacts, the shapes are guided by the images. And buying one of his canvases, much like most things in life, is all about the mood you find yourself in. Your work is very strong also by the way you use colour, what is your relation to colour ? The project Aera Fabrica won the Hendrik Valk prize 2014, the New Material Fellow 2014 and the Design and Innovation award Gelderland.

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The irrelevancy creates that jewellery can expose the personal and the intimate. We are afraid of what could reveal our amateur clumsiness, we feel too incompetent even to decide about our closest surroundings. Contraceptive injections What are contraceptive injections and how do they work? When I was seven I already began reading Charles Darwin and learning the scientific names of animals.

What are the good points about the Pill? In practice, there are some women in their 40s who still take the Pill. To achieve that I need investors and partners from the industry, so unfortunately this will not be in the near future but I am working on it. Your doctor should also enquire about any history of clotting among your relatives. I like to see beauty in the insignificant things as much as in the spectacular ones.

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On one hand, my dream would be to remain independent and collaborate with other design studios like Toogood, for instance, and manufacturers to be commissioned on projects. How would you describe yourself as an artist? The work reminds of very sculptural garments and it looks like there is a link between jewellery and fashion design, can you explain this? Also, people were refreshed in being challenged instead of being told what to do. There are other risk factors, for instance making a very long journey in a plane or a cramped car seat.

It is worth mentioning that the mentor of the school and the author of the program is none other than Lidewij Edelkoort. Fortunately, recent news about Pill safety has mostly been good. I am very thankful to Erica and Faye for letting me in their studio despite my funny background. The volumes are built up, thread by thread, on a custom-made weaving loom. Resembling a tropical plant of our time, he was able to ensemble together opposing objects and to capture the essence of stuff we often consider as trivial. Instead, I suggest that if we look at everything around us in a creative way, an abundance of opportunities will appear before us.

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I like the weight, the texture and the smell of things. Felt, one of the oldest textile known today, is usually produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. I visualised about hundred motivations for having or not having children. Regrettably, many women are still on them. Headed by Dutch editor, critic and curator Louise Schouwenberg, the course at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s postgraduate department is a materials-based Master program in which Tjalling enroled after graduating in Fine Arts at the ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem.

If you want to be super careful, you could avoid sex for the next seven days or take extra precautions. Art and design are my way of going all out in self-expression. Science, an experiment to push boundaries regarding great objects.

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I want to imagine new colors, shapes and textures. By sharing her skills to the islanders Phoebe aims to economically help sustain the population of Bere Island so that they can carry on and take more ownership of the island’s future. Textiles become more interesting through processes such as washing, surface friction and color change by sunlight. My designs start in ideas or in concepts, not in end products. It gave me occasion to suggest a way of using what we can find around.

I don’t think that the light of ‘Ambio’ or ‘Spark of Life’ will replace any regular lighting yet, but it surely is a great natural addition to the existing artificial lighting. He was curious after other professions and unusual collaborations and used this for music videos and album covers. She shows fresh alternatives that tap into shifting values creating designs that are accessible, triggering and intriguing finding a balance between the known and the unknown in which one would feel familiar but alienated at the same time. Note: In the case of several recently-marketed brands of Pill, the makers have decided that their packs will contain 24 or 26 active tablets, instead of the traditional 21. We’re doing a complete new suit. Ambio’ gave me a flying start: it was exhibited, awarded and published internationally.

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It’s likely that not a single one of them will get pregnant. Collaboration for bonne suits is key. Ephemere is a soap bubble bowl from the split second series, comprising products which, once used, last only for a very short space of time. What fascinates you so much about photography?

I used trompe l’oeil effects by printing the paper collages on different fabrics and reinforcing them with stiff non woven and paper. Above all these shape our identity. I like perfection within finishing and details but I love when somewhere in between a tiny little error appears making it human. Her goal is to cross Science with Design. Do you imagine more personal works around insects in the future ?

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The mediums I choose to communicate my designs can range from film, to textiles, to interior products, to garments, to trend forecasts and more, but also combinations of these. Phoebe Quare is a MA Material Futures graduate who has always had a fascination with materials and transforming them in unrecognizable ways. You’d be wise to use extra precautions for two weeks if you are prescribed this as emergency contraception, for example if you’ve missed Pills. Can You Get Two Colds at Once? Because of this, you are less likely to become anaemic.

She observes and explores the world with profound critical thinking and an intuitive interest for the aesthetics of shape, color, image and material. Agnieszka Polkowska is also a doctoral student of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in the domain of experimental design and trends. This resulted in a choice between studying Biology or studying in the field of arts, which I also had a big interest in. But it is certainly worth considering.